Research & Analysis

We are international experts in measuring the value of music, culture and the night time economy across economic development, tourism and inclusive growth. Our insight, knowledge base and data-driven methodology is unparalleled and globally recognised. We also author leading reports related to music policy, music tourism, night time economy and future cities.


Music & Cultural Policy

We are global leaders in cultural and strategic planning for cities, regions, public institutions and private companies. Our participatory and data-driven research is based on a high integration of local stakeholders, which delivers social, economic and cultural development through music, culture and the night time economy.


Stakeholder Engagement

We design, create and lead civic and community engagement programs, including workshops, roundtables, town hall meetings, cultural committees, music censuses, night time mayors and music and night time economy boards. We also co-founded the non-profit, global Music Cities Network.


Economic Impact

We assess the economic impact of music and culture in cities, regions and countries, night time economies and for festivals and events. We also deliver budget and viability assessments for the real estate sector to deliver music, culture and the night time economy to new developments all over the world.


Mapping & Placemaking

We map music, night time economy and cultural assets, from venues to teachers, businesses to choirs. We are also leaders at creating music activations and strategies to increase music’s impact across placemaking in the public and private realm.


Events & Conferences

We created and run Music Cities Events, the global leading series of conferences and events focused on music, urbanism and cities. Our global events and platforms connect executives, city councils and the music industry to explore music, tourism and the urban realm.