Music is a tool to make lives better


We started Sound Diplomacy to give governments and businesses keys to the toolbox so they can unlock all of its benefits.



With decades of experience in the music industry, we are able to bridge the gap between music and the world of policy and urban planning. This is why we are trusted by organisations around the world to create and deliver strategies for economic and cultural growth.

Sound Diplomacy is the leader of the Music Cities movement, which sees culture built into the urban environment through policy. We help governments develop healthy music ecosystems to create vibrant, exciting communities.

Our company consults at length with the Mayor of London, and advise governments in Cuba (on behalf of the United Nations), Brisbane, Armenia, Costa Rica and St Lucia; contributed to Katowice’s successful UNESCO City of Music bid; and have helped over 500 artists and companies break into new markets.



Scott Cohen (Chairman)
Founder and VP International, The Orchard

Robert C. Hain
Chairman, City Financial Investment Company

Nigel Hart
CEO, London and Genève Capital SARL

Derek Linfield
Legal Consultant