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About Sound Diplomacy

Sound Diplomacy is the global expert in developing long term and self sufficient music strategies. We have worked in over 40 countries and with over 100 clients, spanning public, private and third sectors, such as the Greater London Authority, Walton Family Foundation, Arup, the Cities of Vancouver, San Francisco, Cardiff, and the United Nations.

Sound Diplomacy is thrilled to be conducting an economic impact assessment and music sector study in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

This is an important piece of work, not just for Calgary and Edmonton, but for the global music industry. Both music sectors deliver economic and social benefits to the cities, and our aim will be to provide their stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the music sectors' value in a place and the ecosystems that create such value. We also hope to identify what can be improved across the ecosystem, from a regulatory, planning and economic development framework.


What we’re here to do

Phase I of the West Anthem Music Strategy will focus on the creation of a music vision for the city followed by an ecological impact assessment, which will include regulatory assessment – an in-depth exploration of current local policies impacting music – and benchmarking of Calgary and Edmonton with like-minded cities in Canada and abroad.

How we’ll do it

1. Music Vision: Outline a vision for the growth of Calgary and Edmonton’s music economy.

The vision will be foundational, setting out the key objectives of a perspective future strategy. 

2. Ecological Impact Phase 1: Benchmarking & Regulatory Assessment

We will review all local, national and international literature relevant to both the industry profile and ecosystem assessment objectives, benchmarking Calgary and Edmonton with other like-minded cities both in the United States and abroad. We will then undertake an extensive review of Calgary and Edmonton’s music policy. This will be compared and contrasted with the benchmarking studies completed. This stage will encompass interviews with staff members and desk research, providing Calgary and Edmonton with the most comprehensive music policy infrastructure in the area and significant competitive advantage to other cities.

This website will be updated regularly, with reports on what has been done, what is planned, key dates, and an opportunity for you to comment on the process. If you’d like to be kept abreast on the work, please contact us below to get updates straight to your inbox. We will alert you when new pieces of research or participatory surveys are published online.


Overall timeline: 


Step 1. June 2019

Project launch and announcement



Step 2. August 2019

Music vision completed



Step 3. September 201

Benchmarking and Regulatory Assessment completed



All further dates will be updated once confirmed, including future visits, launches or other matters. Throughout this process, we will be collecting data, delivering our comparative analysis & completing the regulatory assessment.


General information:

The following Sound Diplomacy staff members will be responsible for the project.
Please contact us if you require any further information.


Azucena Micó, Senior Project Manager
azu@sounddiplomacy.com +34 615538874

Azucena is the Senior Project Lead at Sound Diplomacy. She has managed many of the company's biggest projects, including music market analysis and music strategies for cities, countries and spaces. At the moment, she is working in music city strategies for the Cities of San Francisco, New Orleans, and Indianapolis in the United States, and Victoria in Canada, among others. She managed the design of a two-year project to strengthen the Cuban music industry through the United Nations. She holds a Masters Degree in Cultural Policies and Management and a Masters Degree on Cultural Production and Communication. She is an academic researcher in the field of social value of music in the urban environment and guest lecturer at Universitat Blanquerna Ramon Llull in Barcelona.

Katerina Ivanova, Project Manager

Kat is a project manager and researcher with six years of experience in market research and cultural industries management. Kat holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in New Media Studies. At Sound Diplomacy since 2016, Kat has delivered music and music tourism strategies for cities, regions and countries. Most recently she has worked on the Music Ecosystem strategies for the City of Brisbane (AUS), City of Huntsville, AL and the region of The Shoals, AL. Prior to that, Kat was managing the online creator research platform at SoundCloud in Berlin. She’s passionate about music, night-time culture, and urban planning.


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Where We Have Worked and What We Have Done Elsewhere:

For more information, please look at our case studies in Vancouver, Northwest Arkansas, London and elsewhere: https://www.sounddiplomacy.com/cities-and-governments.  

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“Music BC Industry Association has been a long-time client of Sound Diplomacy as our sole source for market development and music strategies.  As a result of the fantastic work that they conducted on behalf of Music BC with the Vancouver Ecology Study in conjunction with a Music City Forum, we have made huge strides with public policy, locally, domestically and internationally.  Their work has set a benchmark for our organization to take music strategies throughout the province of BC.” – Alex Grigg, CEO Music British Columbia

“Our decision to work closely with Sound Diplomacy on the Vancouver Music Ecosystem paid off in colours. By utilizing their depth in experience engaging in Music Cities events around the globe, their unique insight was clear and apparent in the final report. As a result we were able to influence change in our metro quickly and with confidence that the recommendations were supported by their wealth of knowledge and passion for the sector.” – Rob Calder, CEO, Secret Study (partners on Vancouver Music Strategy)   

We also run Music Cities Convention, the world’s largest forum on music and public policy.