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West Anthem: Calgary and Edmonton Music Strategy




West Anthem announces Phase I of Calgary and Edmonton Music Strategy. Sound Diplomacy engaged to build music vision for the city.

West Anthem, the leader of the Alberta music cities movement, announces today the launch of Phase I of the Calgary and Edmonton Music Strategy, a development initiative focused on the city’s diverse and growing music industry. This project will not only assert Calgary and Edmonton as music cities policy leaders, but position them as global benchmarks for music policy and inevitable economic and social growth. West Anthem would like to recognize the financial support of OCL Studios, The Alberta Media Fund, Calgary Arts Development, Calgary Economic Development and the Winspear Centre for making this study possible.  

To lead this initiative, West Anthem hasselected Sound Diplomacy, a London, Berlin, and Barcelona-based music policy consultancy and global expert in developing long-term and self-sufficient music strategies. 

Phase I of the Calgary and Edmonton Music Strategy will focus on the creation of a music vision for the two cities followed by two research pieces: a regulatory assessment – an in-depth exploration of current local policies impacting music – and benchmarking of music policies from like-minded cities in Canada and abroad. Phase I is slated to be complete by November 2019. 


About West Anthem

West Anthem evolved out of the Alberta Music Cities Initiative and the report,  Fertile Ground, which was created, commissioned and published by the National Music Centre in Calgary in 2014 and funded by the National Music Centre and the Scotlyn Foundation. The purpose of the report was to instigate a conversation regarding the potential of fostering the development of music cities in Alberta and to highlight how music could be a catalyst for economic growth in Calgary, Edmonton and, ultimately, across the province.

About Sound Diplomacy

Sound Diplomacy is the leading global advisor on music cities strategies and market development. As strategists for cities, developers, large private sector organizations and governments, Sound Diplomacy provides cutting edge research and market expertise in placing music and music business strategy in city, urban and development plans. They work in over 40 countries and with over 100 clients, spanning public, private and third sectors, such as the Greater London Authority (UK), the cities of Vancouver, Huntsville (Alabama), New Orleans (Louisiana), San Francisco (California), Brisbane (AUS), Cardiff (UK), the regions of Northwest Arkansas (Arkansas) and The Shoals (Alabama), and organizations such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).


“We believe this is an important piece of work, not just for Calgary and Edmonton, but for the Canadian and global music industries, as it will deliver economic and social benefits to both cities, and to Alberta. Sound Diplomacy is thrilled to be working with West Anthem to ultimately develop a prolific environment for musicians, increased economic growth, attraction and retention of talent, and enhanced music tourism.”



Further Information

More information available at www.westanthem.com

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