Delivered a Music Hub Strategy in Barcelona

  • Conducted a benchmark study of 14 music hubs around the world to develop best practices for implementing a music hub in an existing cultural centre.

  • Developed a music hub strategy for Barcelona City Council to design a Music Hub in Fabra i Coats, a creative innovation centre in Sant Andreu, Barcelona.

  • Fabra i Coats successfully connects the district to the cultural centre in the city, engages the local community and embeds music into the district’s social fabric.



Determining the Economic Impact of Canary Wharf’s Event Programme

  • Analysing the current existing music programming, attendance figures, retail impact and marketing.

  • Determining the economic impact of the client’s current event programme in Canary Wharf on retail, commercial and the wider community.

  • Proving and communicating the value of an events programme, and changing the perception of Canary Wharf from specifically financial to versatile.


Ensuring Music is the Future for London’s International Quarter in Stratford

  • Providing a music strategy in line with the client’s place pillars and socio-economic objectives for the development.

  • Enhancing local access to new skills, jobs, leisure and entertainment opportunities and boost engagement for both new residents and the existing community.

  • Proving the cultural and economic value of the night time industries, the value of music within the night time economy, and providing a strategy for cultural activations throughout IQL.


Supported the Case for a New World Class Concert Hall by Identifying Ancillary Opportunities

  • Undertook a high level analysis of the music ‘ecosystem’ in the city to substantiate market need for the client and provided ancillary opportunity recommendations to support the development case.

  • Identified music infrastructure, engaged with local stakeholders and provided strategic recommendations to present a holistic picture of the current state of the sector, its gaps and opportunities.


Supporting the Case for an Outdoor Amphitheatre in Huntsville

  • Deploying data-driven methodology to assess Huntsville’s current music ecosystem to identify existing music assets and talent, pinpoint cultural growth areas and implement initiatives that deliver measurable economic and social benefits for the city.

  • Supporting RCP Company’s aim to have Huntsville join the multi-state trail program known as the Americana Music Triangle, with a regional outdoor amphitheatre as well as additional supporting entertainment venues and incubators.


Supported the Successful Planning Statement for 18 Blackfriars in London

  • Delivered the cultural statement for 18 Blackfriars to support the successful planning application submitted by Black Pearl Limited in the London Borough of Southwark for a mixed-use development.

  • Examined existing cultural offerings in Southwark to identify the market feasibility for a live music venue with an additional food and beverage offer within the development.

  • Provided a venue feasibility assessment, including a prospective budget and letters of intent to demonstrate the industry’s interest in the site.