International Music Marketing Strategy for Tourism and Brand Building


Sound Diplomacy developed an International Music Marketing strategy for Promperu, Peru’s national branding agency, between August 2017 and December 2017. We mapped music genres in the country and identified the most suitable genres and artists to promote their country brand to Peruvians and the rest of the world.

What we did:

  • We partnered with researchers at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru to map all contemporary music genres in the country and identify the most suitable domestic artists to champion Peru through a system of indicators of export-ready artists.

  • We also researched and identified emerging and consolidated Peruvian artists living abroad to act as international ambassadors of Peru’s country brand.

  • We benchmarked Peruvian music against emerging and consolidated international artists and country brands using marketing and business analytics for music sales, streaming, live music revenues and music tourism campaigns.

  • After analysing the current competitors and structural challenges to the promotion of Peruvian music abroad, we delivered an extensive analytical report on the state of the music industry in Peru and its potential to champion the Peruvian country brand through music export and music tourism.

Sound Diplomacy mapped the existing music industry of Peru and researched domestic best case examples on music tourism, music festivals, regional music markets, record labels, artist and genre trends, as well as variations on music consumption trends. These were compared against other similar or aspirational international markets and initiatives to identify the strengths of Peru’s musical country and unique selling points.

We provided a roadmap to export Peru’s most suitable music assets to target audiences on the local and international level, identifying key stakeholders and promotional platforms for the 3 strategic music export areas that had been identified in the previous stage.

We concluded the strategy with an action plan containing 28 short- and long-term actions aimed to grow Peru’s music brand in the strategic areas of Governance, Industry Development, Skills Development, Marketing and Events, and Music Tourism Promotion.