Sound Diplomacy’s long-standing relationship with the Canadian Independent Music Association has seen us coordinate and write a series of market guides to countries around the world.

What we did:

  • Completed a series of extensive reports on 10 Latin American music markets for the Canadian Independent Music Association.

  • Analysed opportunities for Canadian independent music in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico or Chile, among others.

  • Provided introductions to 12 other music markets in the region including Guatemala, Ecuador and Paraguay.

 These market guides are country-specific and extensively profile music markets in regions our clients are interested in exporting to. Previously, our work has covered the markets of Ireland, Italy, France, UK, USA, India and Poland.

Most recently, we wrote a series of comprehensive market reports about Latin American for the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA). The project included ten in-depth reports on the region’s larger, more established markets, such as Brazil and Argentina. The study also included 12 one-page reports on smaller, developing markets, such as Peru and Panama. These were researched using a combination of local experts, desk research and industry interviews.

The guides act as encyclopaedias on the chosen markets, covering the recorded, live and publishing markets as well as secondary income streams, media and PR, and practical information on visas and tax structures. They also identify key consumer trends, from which genres are popular in each country, to the most used social media and streaming platforms, which cities had the most impactful audiences, and which music formats sold best. Finally, they include a directory of contacts from festivals and music venues to local labels, distributors, publishers, publicists, radio stations and other media sources, both physical and digital.

Latin America has the fastest-growing market in the world and offers many opportunities for Canada’s independent artists to develop their audiences.

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