A music ecosystem, like all ecosystems, is multiplicitous and in constant evolution. It includes your music industry, music education, city regulation, ancillary industries like tech and sport and sustainability. Music is our universal language. We all speak it. And when it, in all its forms, thrives in places, places thrive.

If you invest in your music ecosystem, your entire ecosystem benefits. A healthy live music economy supports jobs across a variety of sectors, from hospitality to tech, logistics to food and beverage. Musicians contribute to making places better, more vibrant and liveable. And music tells stories others can't, creating experiences and opportunities to market to tourists and visitors.

But it requires mapping, analysis and policy to thrive. Some of your music ecosystem is obvious, like music venues or labels. Others aren’t, like IT suppliers, police officers or good governance. But all are relevant. All play an integral role.

Our model maps, assesses and develop strategies to increase the value of your music ecosystem, economically, socially and culturally. And it involves everyone in the below infographic.

Talk to us about your music ecosystem. Investing in it will create new revenues you never thought you had, and a better, fairer and more equal community.

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