On April 19-20 2018, global leaders across music, city planning, cultural and community industries and education will come together in Melbourne for the sixth and first southern hemisphere edition of Music Cities Convention.

Music Cities Convention Melbourne is organised alongside the Victorian Government and Music Victoria and the event’s official travel partner is The Appointment Group. The event will be an ideas hub of best practices on the use of music – and all its variants – to improve city life, and the convention will explore the role and impact of music across education, employment, community building, placemaking, licensing and regulation.


Through collaborative panels, keynotes and networking sessions, Music Cities Convention presents the future of music in our cities across the world, focusing on improving urban planning, quality of life, city policy and development strategies through music.

Home to more live music venues per capita, Melbourne will become a knowledge-sharing hub featuring 40 speakers with 300 attendees from Australia and beyond expected to attend the two full days of ideas and discussions.

Convention theme, ‘It takes a village to make a music city: Music Policy from top to bottom’, will include presentations and panels on:

  • Music Policy in Asia

  • My Music Cities – focus on Zimbabwe, North America, South America and Australasia

  • How We Make Noisy Cities Work for Everyone – Australia

  • Chengdu: China’s Music City

  • The Visitor Economy: Music, Tourism and its Impact on Local Musicians and Living Culture

  • SLAM (Save Live Australian Music): The History

  • The New Night Mayors: Lessons from Orlando

  • Let’s Leave Music Cities: The Role of Landowners

  • What Music Can Learn from Sport in the Cities

There will be over forty speakers from all over the world attending, including the USA, Zimbabwe, China, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Armenia and the Netherlands.


We’re incredibly excited for this 6th edition of Music Cities Convention and hope to see some of you there!