Evidence Meeting 5: The role of music in nurturing creativity

A series of evidence meetings conducted at the House of Lords examining the full value of music to UK society.

The APPG AI and KPMG skills report last year highlighted creativity as a skill already in short supply in the tech sector (and other sectors). It’s also likely to continue to be in demand in future because machines cannot (yet) match the creativity of humans.

In this session we will examine:

1. Why & how music can help people develop their creativity skills

2. Whether or not this is a truly futureproof skill or a skill that machines will soon be able to replicate


Expert Witnesses


Ed Newton-Rex, Chief Executive, Jukedeck

Ed is the founder of Jukedeck, an AI music composer which makes unique tracks for video producers. He holds a BA in Music from the University of Cambridge. He founded Jukedeck as a London-based tech startup with funding from Cambridge Enterprise. Together with Patrick Stobbs, they raised seed funding in 2014, built a team of experts in machine learning, and launched the product. In 2015, they won TechCrunch Disrupt among a field of the 15 best startups and went on to raise a further £2M in venture capital. Today, Jukedeck is used by many customers including Google Developers and the Natural History Museum.

Julia has been advising Universities and Further Education Institutions for over 20 years. She sits on the Education Task Force of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence and is a Trustee of Young Voices the largest schools’ choir in the world. Julia was the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Creative Industries at Canterbury Christ Church University for 3 years. She also advises regions, cities and brands on lifelong learning and skills training. 

Dr Julia Jones, Chief Executive, Found in Music

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