Download the infographic  here .  Design & illustration:

Download the infographic here.

Design & illustration:


We believe that no matter where you live, what you like or who you are, everyone has a right to perform, experience and pursue a career in music.

Music is infrastructure.

Access to music and culture is a human right.



When we started in 2013, we focused on music export — linking artists, businesses and experiences across countries, from Colombia to Australia. 

Since then we’ve changed a little, but our mission is the same.  

Music matters — and its value is increasing everyday. Since we started Sound Diplomacy, we have been lucky to work in over 50 countries, set up global leading conferences and deliver strategies that prove the economic, cultural and social value of music around the world. And now we’re proud to be the leaders of the music cities movement; and this movement is just beginning.

Thank you to all our clients, partners, friends and conference attendees.

We’ve been inspired by our clients and friends in countries and cities around the world, from Uganda to Peru, Seoul to Vancouver and everywhere in between.

We’ve met amazing agents of change, from musicians to diplomats, Mayors to venue owners.

So thank you for continuing to inspire us, and watch this space.

The best is yet to come.


The Sound Diplomacy Team