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Market Development

The Great Escape, Reeperbahn

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Produce a live showcase for Canadian artists.

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy worked alongside CIMA and both the Reeperbahn and Great Escape festivals to aid the artist booking process, showcase advance information, showcase invites and provide technical support. Pre-festival activations included artist showcasing and industry networking.

Africa Express


Market Development

Feasibility Study to develop a festival in Ghana, West Africa

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Write a study on a festival activation in Ghana. Research.

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy produced a feasibility study that researched the main factors.

Initiative Musik


Market Development

German Haus SXSW

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Speed Meeting coordination, Conference Design and Curation, Delegate Recruitment, International Delegate Recruitment, Delegate Logistics, Showcase Coordination, Invitations, Reception Coordination/Party coordination, Event Production, Networking Activities, Promotion.

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy co-organised the international presence for Germany at SXSW Music & Interactive, including coordinating the German Haus and trade show presentation. Sound Diplomacy managed partnerships, production, marketing, speaker engagement, coordination of showcases, initiating networking opportunities and much more.

Berlin Senate


Department for Economics, Technology and Research

Market Development
Music Tech

Beyond! Before! Bright! In Berlin. An Analysis, With Recommendations for Action, of Berlin's Digital Music Industry.

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Writing an analysis about the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation faced by the music industry in Berlin.

WHAT WE DID: This study, co-produced by Sound Diplomacy, looked at the intersection of the music and technology sector and Berlin in the course of the ongoing digitisation of the industry. By looking at innovative companies such as Ableton, Native Instruments and Skoove, as well as existing infrastructure and network capabilities, the aim was to develop recommendations for the Berlin Senate on how to best support the music industry in regards to the music and tech companies in Berlin.



Market Development
Music Tech

Supporting ICTAM's trade mission to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Networking and production assistance to a delegation of 15 Canadian Tech companies from West Canada.

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy provided one-on-one matchmaking services, coordinating individual meetings for each company participant in advance. Participants were supported with required logistical information and as well as on-site assistance during the Mobile World Congress. This included coordinating further introductions and helping professionals to navigate the event.

Alberta Music, Manitoba Music, Music Nova Scotia & Sask Music


Market Development

Canada Vs Poland: Canadian Music Industry Trade Mission To Warsaw

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Trade Mission Production, including: Promotion, Speed Meetings Coordination, Showcase Coordination, Meeting Coordination.

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy coordinated a trade mission for music associations from Canada to Poland to develop connections with key music industry companies in Warsaw through showcasing, networking events, site visits, speed meetings and a drinks reception at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw.

City of Katowice


Music Cities

Designing an Action Plan to develop a Vibrant, Sustainable and Economically Prosperous Music Industry in Katowice, Poland

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Writing the Music Study for the City of Katowice

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy worked with the City of Katowice to assist with a successful UNESCO City of Music bid and produce a music strategy that identifies and maps the music ecosystem in the city, providing the city with tools that support music and music making in Katowice. The aim was to develop the most forward-thinking music business ecosystem in Poland.

Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency


Music Cities

Writing A Music Industry Strategy And Music Trade And Export Strategy For Saint Lucia

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Write a music strategy for Saint Lucia

WHAT WE DID: St Lucia’s Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) commissioned Sound Diplomacy to conduct research to better understand the needs of the Saint Lucian music scene. The research identified and addressed gaps in support for the development of music in St. Lucia in an effort to maximise the marketability and export of Saint Lucia’s music and artists. The report outlined a list of recommendations aimed to develop, promote and market the industry, as well as support important decision-making for the industry, stakeholders, policymakers and government.

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Music Cities Convention


Music Cities Events

Music Cities Convention

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Conference coordination and production, including Conference Design and Curation, International Delegate Recruitment, Delegate Logistics, Sponsors and Partners Search

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy co-founded and curate Music Cities Convention, the first ever event to define and quantify the value of music and the music business to cities in reference to planning, policy, education, tourism and regulation. Launched in 2015, its first three instalments - May 13, 2015 in Brighton, UK; October 25, 2016 in Washington, DC; and May 18, 2016 in Brighton - saw 480 delegates from over 120 cities and 30 countries collected for the world’s largest and most extensive conference series exploring the value of music to planning, policy, regulation and city life.



Market Development
Music Tech


WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Speed Meeting coordination, Conference Design and Curation, Delegate Recruitment, International Delegate Recruitment, Delegate Logistics, VIP activities coordination, Sponsors and Partners Search

WHAT WE DID: BIME is Europe's leading music conference and festival dedicated to exploring new opportunities between the music industry and tech, gaming, sync and new technologies. Sound Diplomacy manages the conference activities at BIME by coordinating panels, showcases, matchmaking sessions and receptions.

greater london authority


Music Cities

London Music Board and Night Time Commission for the Mayor of London


WHAT WE DID: In October 2015, the Mayor of London’s Live Music Taskforce published a Rescue Plan for Grassroots Music Venues. The Plan studied the effect of rising property prices and the greater music market, recommending the establishment of a new Board to develop the potential of grassroots music venues in London and implement the recommendations of the Rescue Plan.



Music Cities

Scoping feasibility for a new property developer led music venue


WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy was tasked with the provision of a tenant for The Powerhouse, a venue planned as the centrepiece for the arts-oriented office, residential, commercial and entertainment development at the Old Vinyl Factory. Sound Diplomacy is also developing a conference, Sound Development, to be hosted by the U+I PLC, to generate a focused discussion between the music and property industries.

Arts Council England


Market Development

Study: Career Development Opportunities for Artists and Bands in the Contemporary Popular Music Sector (prepared by Nordicity and Sound Diplomacy)

WHAT WE WERE COMMISSIONED TO DO: Providing a research study into the career support needs of artists and bands operating in the contemporary popular music sector.

WHAT WE DID: Sound Diplomacy, in partnership with Nordicity, were commissioned by Arts Council England to conduct research into the career support needs of artists and bands, as well as the ecosystem of existing provision in England’s contemporary popular music sector. The research identified the experience of artists and bands seeking career development and examined how current career development provisions work to support artists, further considering the best approach for public investment in this area.