Music Strategy – City of Cardiff
Synopsis of the project


Sound Diplomacy is the global expert in developing long term and self sufficient music strategies. We have worked in over 40 countries and with over 100 clients, spanning public, private and third sectors, such as the Greater London Authority, City of Vancouver and UNIDO. We are proud to be working with Cardiff Council to develop a music strategy for the city.

The aim is to develop policies that treat music as infrastructure and deliver a healthy music ecosystem, which in turn create vibrant, exciting communities, build an international profile and increase the value of music in the city.

This website will be updated regularly, with reports on what has been done, what is planned, key dates, and an opportunity for you to comment on the process. Email with the Subject line 'SUBSCRIBE CARDIFF' to get updates straight to your inbox, and to get an alert when new pieces of research or participatory surveys are published online.

This document is available in Welsh / Mae’r ddogfen hon ar gael yn Gymraeg



Key upcoming dates:


Sound Diplomacy study visit, 26 - 28 MArch 

Sound Diplomacy will be in Cardiff conducting field research and meeting relevant stakeholders across the public and private sectors.


This will outline the goals of the project. It will be published online by Cardiff Council, and here, and will be open for comments.

Survey, MID MARCH 

The survey will ask for your opinion on various aspects of Cardiff’s current music landscape. It will play a crucial role in our impact study and will be the best opportunity for you to have your say.


The survey is now live here




Sound Diplomacy will be making regular visits to Cardiff. We will keep you updated here.


Overall timeline:


Step 1

Music Vision

Comparative Analysis & Benchmarking

Feb 2018

March 2018


step 2

Ecological Impact

Data research/Online analysis

Case Studies/Expert Interviews/Survey

March - May 2018

March - May 2018

Feb - May 2018


step 3

Regulatory Assessment

Feb - April 2018


step 4

Cardiff Music Board

Research, Terms of Reference

First Board Meeting

Second Board Meeting

March - August 2018

March - April 2018

tbc April 2018

tbc June 2018


step 5

Economic Impact and Industry Profile

Music Strategy & Action Plan

April - May 2018

May - August 2018

What we have done so far:

• Held an initial series of roundtables

• Written the City of Cardiff Music City Vision 

• Held 100+ calls, meetings and emails with relevant stakeholders 

• Began the process of researching the Cardiff Music Board.

General information

Please contact:

Project Lead, Rollo Maschietto - 

Lead Researcher, Ffion Lewis -

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