Music Strategy – City of Cardiff
Synopsis of the project

Sound Diplomacy is the global expert in developing long term and self sufficient music strategies. We have worked in over 40 countries and with over 100 clients, spanning public, private and third sectors, such as the Greater London Authority, City of Vancouver and UNIDO. We are proud to be working with Cardiff Council to develop a music strategy for the city.

The aim is to develop policies that treat music as infrastructure and deliver a healthy music ecosystem, which in turn create vibrant, exciting communities, build an international profile and increase the value of music in the city.

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This document is available in Welsh / Mae’r ddogfen hon ar gael yn Gymraeg



What's next:

We have delivered a full assessment of Cardiff's current regulatory landscape, the findings of which, alongside the survey and roundtables conducted in the project will be shared when the strategy report is published in 2019.

This will give a good picture of Cardiff’s music industry as it currently stands. This data and information will inform a series of recommendations on championing, maximizing and promoting Cardiff as a global leader in music for both professionals and music lovers.


In the last few months:

• We have spoken to over 100 people in roundtable sessions, 1-on-1 interviews and phone calls. We also held an open meeting at the Old Library on 26 March that was very well attended.

• We have conducted 10 roundtables during two study visits to Cardiff in February and March regarding the following topics: 

- Venues
- Students/Young professionals
- Promoters
- Press/Journalists/Media
- Musicians
- Music Industry
- Music Education
- Festivals/Events
- Classical Sector

• We have written a Music Vision with the Council.

• We wrote and published the music ecosystem survey.

General information

Please contact:

Project Lead, Rollo Maschietto 

Project Manager, Paloma Medina


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