Music Ecosystem Study and Strategic Recommendations

Cardiff is the fastest-growing city in the UK and looking to establish itself as a leader in the Music Cities movement, a standard of urban development which champions and promotes music as a tool for growth rather than a by-product of it.

We analysed Cardiff’s music ecosystem in its entirety in order to identify the most effective strategies for development. The research is divided into several sections – including economy, infrastructure, tourism, education and the built environment. It aims to establish what makes Cardiff the culturally robust city it is and to set out how to maximise its role as a Music City.

The report is now publicly available. You can read and download the Executive Summary of the report by clicking the link.



Sound Diplomacy is trusted worldwide to create and deliver strategies that increase the value of music and night time economy ecosystems. We have worked in over 40 countries and with over 100 clients, spanning public, private and third sectors, such as the Greater London Authority, City of Vancouver and UNIDO. We are proud to be working with Cardiff Council to develop a music strategy for the city.

We aim to develop policies that treat music as infrastructure and deliver a healthy music ecosystem, which in turn create vibrant, exciting communities, build an international profile and increase the value of music in the city.


Sound Diplomacy would like to thank every individual that worked with us, took an interest in the report, responded to the survey, attended a roundtable and shared information. Your participation and input has been invaluable and the work could not have been done without it.

Sound Diplomacy remain on hand to assist Cardiff Council as the report goes through the necessary Cabinet bureaucratic processes.

General information

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Rollo Maschietto, Lead Consultant, UK Office 


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