Music is a tool to make lives better


We started Sound Diplomacy to give governments and businesses keys to the toolbox so they can unlock all of its benefits.



Music creates memories. It brings people together.
It transcends cultural boundaries. It’s a language that everyone understands.

With decades of experience in the music industry, we are able to bridge the gap between music and the world of policy and urban planning. This is why we are trusted by organisations around the world to create and deliver strategies for economic and cultural growth.

Sound Diplomacy is the leader of the Music Cities movement, which sees culture built into the urban environment through policy. We assess the value of a music in cities and places, across tourism and urban development. We identify growth areas, engage stakeholders and communities, and produce strategies to unlock all the benefits of a strong music economy.

We are the strategic force behind the Mayor of London’s Night Time Commission and Night Czar initiative. We advise governments in Cuba (on behalf of the UN), cities including Vancouver, Brisbane, Cardiff and San Francisco; wrote Katowice’s successful UNESCO City of Music bid; and have founded the leading series of conferences on music and cities.



Julia Eberdal
CEO, Sound Diplomacy

Shain Shapiro, PhD
Founder & President, Sound Diplomacy

Jordi Puy
CSO, Sound Diplomacy

Scott Cohen (Chairman)
Founder and VP International, The Orchard

Robert C. Hain
Chairman and CEO, City Financial Investment Company

Derek Linfield
Legal Consultant and Chairman, Mkango Resources

Alexandra Notay
Build to Rent Fund Director, PfP Capital, Places for People

Nicole Yershon
CEO, Lab for Hire and NY Consulting


With offices worldwide, our multilingual team brings together decades of experience in the music industry and in policy-making


Shain Shapiro, PhD, CEO


Jordi Puy Campas, COO


Katja Hermes, Head of Music Cities